Tell Me About Your Father is a podcast about daddy issues, father figures and dismantling the paternal mystique. Interviews with guests reveal their relationship with the first man they ever knew, how much they didn't know about him, and the impact he's made on their lives.  We aim to unpack all facets of the father - the loving, the ambivalent, the supportive, the fiscally irresponsible, the obscenely wealthy, the salt of the earth, the emotionally present, the totally checked out, the physically absent, the addicted, the alcoholic, the crazy, the complicated, the angry, the funny, the lying, the abusive, the religious, the mentoring, the dead and the living, the fathers who have built us up, and the dads who've let us down. 

Why not mothers? 

As a culture, we have a collective father complex, and personally we have issues with our dads. The patriarchy is real. In the wake of #metoo exposees of POTUS Trump, Producer Weinstein, and CEO Ailes (same dictators we've always had, different names), we're just beginning to contemplate that our expectations of fathers historically have been so low that abuse is accepted as a normal byproduct of their hormones. Men set the tone for their households, whether through their presence or absence, and a number of tropes remain: moms are for cultivating tenderness, but wait till your father gets home and beats it out of ya; motherhood changes everything for women, fatherhood is a feather in the cap of a man's heroic journey; moms nurture, dads provide. Everyone knows that God is a man. The only matriarch we can pinpoint is Mother Earth, and obviously we never listen to that bitch. 


The thing is, even our mothers have daddy issues. Everyone on the gender spectrum has to deal with men, and that's enough of a reason to study their enormous impact on our lives, those mysterious, elusive, unicorn bastards. 

All The Praise We Crave

"A podcast about daddies? Now we’re paying attention. Tell Me About Your Father is our newest binge listen." - DNA Magazine


“...a fascinating, meditative listen. It’s people exploring past and present experience in a thoughtful, unsensational way.” - Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair

“The episodes are funny, moving, outrageous, in your face and by the teeth.” - Betsy Lerner, author of The Bridge Ladies

“Like a free therapy session, but funnier and just as deep.” - Brad Listi, the Other PPL Podcast


"It’s about time you did this. The process of sharing deeply intimate experiences tends to lead people to connect in a meaningful way. People need that right now.” - Matt's therapist 

"I will be curious to hear your podcast. God knows I have many women here that would probably love to be on the show. It takes so long just to sift through and get clear on all of it.” - Erin's therapist 


“You all have radio voices. Congratulations - I can’t write 4 sentences and need to go back on Lexapro.” - From our Mailbag 

"It feels like there is an ocean of content about women and their mothers, but comparatively very little about women or men and their fathers. It really resonates." - From our Mailbag