"A Covid Death Is An Undignified Death."

On this special episode of Tell Me About Your Father, you’ll hear environmental activist Kristin Urquiza talk to Erin and Elizabeth about her father, Mark Urquiza. Mr. Urquiza, a Phoenix, Arizona resident, and Trump voter, believed the president and Arizona officials when they said COVID-19 was no longer a threat back in early May 2020. He went out to a karaoke bar with his friends, contracted coronavirus, and died 19 days after he first woke up with a fever. He was 65.

Kristin has channeled her grief and anger into creating Marked By COVID, a non-profit that works to remember those we've lost from the deadliest pandemic in recent American history.

Season 2 of Tell Me About Your Father will premiere quicker than your dad's losing all of his hair. It'll feature fascinating bi-weekly stories about father figures from a line-up of guests that includes former Gawker editor and The Small Bow founder AJ Daulerio, Australian actor and singer Paul Capsis, and Samantha Francine, an activist from Whitefish, Montana who boldly stared down a white supremacist in a now-viral moment. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be appalled, you'll want to call your dad. Stay tuned. We love you.

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