A Field of Dreams and Man-Dates with Cardi B, Fran Drescher and Michael Musto

Cultural critic, NYC institution and father of gossip and celebrity journalism, Michael Musto, joins us this week for our pop culture news show Daddy Issues! in which we determine what people, places or things in recent news, were or weren’t, our dads.

We’ve got it all this episode, including everything and everyone from Hollywood predators, monstrous police, and a New York Times reporter who shan’t be named (but we named) to Cardi B, Fran Drescher and the anti-fascism, hotness, and ghost dads of Field of Dreams.

Michael also tells us about his own late father, with whom he had a complicated but loving relationship, his return to the rebooted Village Voice and his time on the iconic ‘90s E! show The Gossip Show.

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