A Story of Secrets, Murder, and Transcendence

On the latest episode of Tell Me About Your Father, co-host Matthew talks with entrepreneur Eric Solomon about the loving relationship he had with his dad, Bob, who was suddenly and mysteriously murdered in his own backyard in 2016. A pound of marijuana was found in the garage, the police investigation into who did it was dropped with little explanation, and Bob’s wife and her sons appeared strangely unmoved by the ordeal. A man of many wives, children, and business ventures, Bob was a stellar father to Eric but clearly kept a lot from his son. Looking back on the painful experience, Eric talks about what he loved about his dad, how he processed the murder, and how he’s accepted that he’ll probably never find out who did it. It’s a moving story rocked by unimaginable and shocking tragedy and we’re grateful to Eric for sharing his story with us.

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