"And then he drove over the ziti."

The weather is getting crisper, the leaves are changing, the moon is getting harvest-ier, and our new episode of pop culture news review show “Daddy Issues” featuring comedy writer Alex Scordelis is the equivalent of a therapeutic apple-picking trip.

Scordelis, a writer for Billy Eichner’s deeply hilarious Billy on the Street, and Eichner and Julie Klausner’s Hulu triumph Difficult People, is also a rock journalist and regular contributor to the Los Angeles Review of Books, where he penned this recent interview with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy.

He’s also merely the second father to be featured on Tell Me About Your Father and its spinoff shows, because we’re very selective about which straight white men can have their voices recorded on a podcast and shared with the masses. You understand.

Listen as Scordelis tells Elizabeth and Erin about his two-year-old son’s enchantment with the Beatles and calling his wife “my boy,” his Neil Young cover band The Cinnamon Boys, and the time he interviewed Courtney Love and she tried to marshmallow-test him by conspicuously placing the manuscript of her still unpublished memoir on a coffee table in front of him and then leaving the room.

We also talk about the deadbeat dads of Congress, Mick Jagger at the Thirsty Beaver, the TikTok trend Devious Licks (where kids partake in the time-honored tradition of destroying school bathrooms), Dog the Bounty Hunter, Larry David's daughter Cazzie David’s rebuke of the Internet delighting in her father’s New York Fashion Week pain, and Erin tells us about the time her husband drove over a ziti in her honor.

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It’s Tony-Tober on Tell Me About Your Father!

Stay tuned for our next show—a two-parter episode on Tony Soprano and the men and fathers of The Sopranos. Special guests Matt Zoller Seitz, TV critic for New York Magazine, and Alan Sepinwall, TV critic for Rolling Stone, and the co-authors of the Sopranos Sessions, talk to Erin and Elizabeth about masculinity on the show, the tragedy of A.J. Soprano, and what it means for a Don to wear shorts.

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