Bill Gates, Jean Smart, a Salem Witch, and Alvin Zhou: It’s Time For Another Episode of "Daddy Issue

Hello father nation, we have a brand-new episode of our pop culture news-review show “Daddy Issues!” fresh out of the oven and we can’t wait to cut you a fresh slice.

This week’s special guest is Maya Kosoff, a Vanity Fair alumn, co-host of the podcast Most Embarrassing Things on the Internet, and a general blessing to Twitter. She is also responsible for introducing the world to Seafoam Salad, a Thanksgiving dessert her family makes annually that dazzled and revolted the Internet last year. All we can say is don’t knock lime Jell-O and cream cheese until you’ve tried it, sweetie.

This episode traverses the sweeping plains of dad-dom and back again: We talk about Bill Gates accidentally flying on the plane of big Jeff Epstein three times, the big boss energy of Jean Smart on Mare of Easttown and her distant relative, Dorcas Hoar, who barely escaped the Salem witch trials, the glory of pho and the comfort and joy of Alvin Zhou’s cooking videos. There’s also the New York Times, Tumblr, and Peloton being more embarrassing than any dad could ever be, and an appeal to 500 million-year-old Instagram star, Clay Woman.

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