Dr. Drew's Bad Advice Goes Way Back...

...And Tell Me About Your Father has the receipts. Dr. Drew Pinksy--'90s sex advice guru turned cable news talking head--recently made news when he declared Coronavirus a media-sensationalized flu (he's since apologized). Per The Washington Post: "Three decades ago, if you told someone that Dr. Drew - the levelheaded physician who dispensed medical and personal advice on the massively popular radio show [Loveline] starting in 1984 - would go on to become a celebrity, headlining a polarizing Celebrity Rehab reality show franchise and competing on a bizarre singing competition series, they probably wouldn't have believed you." We would have! The premiere season of Tell Me About Your Father —a new podcast about daddy issues and the paternal mystique—digs deep into what the hell was actually happening on the much-loved Loveline with Dr. Drew and his co-host, Adam Carolla. We look back at the board-certified failures and truly terrible sex advice of a show that dared an entire generation to go f**k itself.

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