Eye-gazing into the Fatherly Abyss

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Sound the alarms, it’s time for another episode of our current events and pop culture review show, Daddy Issues! This week’s episode features special guest comedy writer Carey O’Donnell, whose TV credits include Billy Eichner’s Billy on the Street. Carey, a former editor at Paper magazine and a contributor to New York Magazine, recently drew the ire of Rush Limbaugh fans on Twitter when he tweeted that his fictitious 4-year-old child broke the news to him the conservative talk radio titan was dead.

O’Donnell joins us to talk to us about the fallout of being a father to a fake child, former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell using his tweet to illustrate how the left sows hate in kids, and more.

Smash play to hear us pay homage to the father of all mothers, Jessica Walter, as well as Lil Nas X's lap dance for Satan, Orlando Bloom’s un-concerning lack of self-awareness, the wind as the most underrated force of nature, and a Russian dentist with soulful eyes who smokes in a Hollywood Starbucks parking lot. We also have words for Jay Leno, Kody Brown from Sister Wives and, as usual, the Royal Family.

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