“For all he knew, his friend’s dads were also like, ‘Should I be president or should I be dad?"

On this special 4th of July episode, Matt talks with Missouri’s former Secretary of State, Afghanistan veteran, Obama protege, and millennial Democrat wunderkind, Jason Kander, about his new memoir Invisible Storm.

A firsthand account he wrote with his wife, author and entrepreneur Diana Kander, Invisible Storm details what happened to Jason after he suddenly pulled out of the race for Mayor of Kansas City in 2018 - a race he was certain to win - so he could confront and process severe PTSD. In addition to being an often brutally honest account of survival, the book is a love letter to his wife, and a story of dedication to his children, True and Bella.

In this candid conversation with the former - and possibly future - presidential contender, Jason talks about how facing PTSD made him a better dad, and what he learned about living a purposeful life from his own father, grandfather, and great uncle, the iconic Broadway composer John Kander, who wrote Cabaret and Chicago. He also talks about the role President Obama played in choosing a name for his son, and who—in current politics— is probably the most desperate for their father’s love.

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