"He's Like Snow White With a Flip Phone"

Updated: Jan 7

When journalist Maggie Serota isn’t asking Glenn Danzig the tough questions and making Hollywood flacks squirm, she’s sharing screenshots of text conversations with her father about his several dogs on her must-follow Twitter account. Maggie’s dad, as she tells Matt and Elizabeth in this episode of “Daddy Issues,” uses his flip phone to send her blurry images of his Rottweilers and to check in on her well-being after seeing news about a violent crime that happened months prior and is nowhere near where she actually lives. You know, dad stuff!

Maggie also talks to us about her fascination with this captivating image of Sting, and plays a high-stakes Sting trivia game Elizabeth wrote for her. Then it’s on to a Thanksgiving-themed round of "Daddy Issues," in which we discuss the fresh hell that is Penn Station during holiday travel, the turkey crisis hotline, buffets in the greater Philadelphia area, and Matt shares shocking information about his relationship with cranberry sauce.

We’ll be back in two weeks with more holiday fun, with our first anonymous guest, the creator of Christian Nightmares, an incredible Instagram and Twitter account that is the Internet’s foremost provider of creepy Christian stuff. This dad will share upsetting Evangelical Christmas music and talk about how he freed himself of an oppressive religious upbringing and plans to break the cycle as the father to a newborn daughter.

We love you and we're wishing you a non-triggering Thanksgiving.

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The Daily Monthly Dad - November Bonus Episode!

This DMD includes our coverage of Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian's Fake Romance, the roots of the Kardashian floral diaspora, Chris Pratt's Christian nightmare of not being able to work out, the tyranny of Hillsong, a church/talent agency in Hollywood by way of Australia, a woman who took a sexy selfie draped over her dad's open casket, Cara Delevingne's dad very nearly named her Departures Delevingne, Princess Eugenie's answer to human bondage and avoiding her father's sex trafficking scandal includes wearing a $200 frock while painting a mountain, and international pariah Jamie Spears is spotted in a lumber yard in Kentwood, Louisiana. Listen on Patreon.

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