“His death gave me a window into adulthood: No one is not not scared.”

On the newest episode of Tell Me About Your Father, Jenna Perry, 38, tells Erin and Matt the story of how she spent her entire childhood unwittingly on the run as her father moved his fundamentalist family from state to state (and church to church).

Posing as a trustworthy investment banker, her father managed to fleece dozens of Christian parishioners of their livelihoods while dodging prison and the government when he could. The longer the grift went on the more complicated and convoluted his explanations for their constant moving became. Jenna ended up spending her adolescence learning how to read the room despite never having had one of her own.

After touring No Bad Days for a few years, it’s become a taped comedy special, out now and streaming on Peacock. Directed by noted music video director and producer Lance Bangs, the show chronicles not only the loss of Alyssa’s father, but the surreal reality of grief: that we must live on without the people we love, have milestones, evolve, and wonder what they might say if they knew.

Listen as Tell Me About Your Father co-host Elizabeth talks to Alyssa about No Bad Days, the uniquely terrifying destabilization that comes with losing a parent in your twenties (when you’re technically an adult, but come on), waiting for the 'movie goodbye' from her dad that never came, and carrying on his love of life in everything she does.

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