“I had heard a couple of stories, but the voice made him real.”

This week, Matt is joined by writer Michele Dawson Haber, to discuss their shared experiences of losing their fathers as young children. Both Matt, who was three when his father died, and Michelle, who was three months old, have few or no memories of their dads, but were left with audio recordings of their voices.

Last year, Michele wrote a Modern Love column in the New York Times about discovering a connection to her late father Eliahu, decades after his death by suicide, through tapes of his voice and, in this episode, Matt and Michele interview each other about the experience of trying to uncover who their biological fathers were through audio clips and asking family and friends what they remember.

Normally, our interview episodes focus on the guest subject, but this time Matt and Michele share the episode as they compare what it’s like to piece together what happened when their fathers died, the importance of knowing your whole origin story, and how to move forward after the sudden death of a parent.

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Photos: Top: Michele's father, Eliahu; bottom: Matt and his dad, Ross.

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