When Dad Is a Grifter With No Game

Michael See photographed by his daughter Denise circa early 2000s.

On today's episode, Erin talks to sisters Denise and Andrea, whose dad Michael See blew up their lives when he suddenly disappeared from the family home in Singapore in 2003, having secretly fleeced millions over the years from their mother, grandfather, and other family members, and mysteriously fled to China, never to be seen again.

But to say that Michael See was a con artist diminishes the word “artist”—his was more of a grift born of convenience, hubris, and a confounding desire to be caught, as he ultimately kept his own receipts and the details of his double life for everyone to find. Both Denise and Andrea were in their 20s when he disappeared; listen as they share how their father's example affected their relationships with their now husbands and kids, and how to move on when Dad keeps calling to remind you he left. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your shows.


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