"I Knew My Father Would Never Understand Me."

Photo by Jack Pierson.

Artist Salman Toor, 38, had his first solo museum show in late 2020 at the Whitney Museum, an acclaimed exhibition of 15 paintings titled How Will I Know, which the New York Times called “a brilliant debut.” Toor's work, which has also been featured in the Frick Collection, is evocative of 16th century-style old masters paintings and often explores identity through the depiction of queer South Asian youth navigating their way in a white, patriarchal world.

Salman Toor’s “Bar Boy” (2019) Credit: Salman Toor and Luhring Augustine.

On the latest episode of Tell Me About Your Father, Salman talks with co-host Matt Phillp about growing up queer in Pakistan, his relationship with his father and mother both as an adolescent and now, and how they view his success. They compare notes about attending all-boys prep schools in outposts of the British empire, and Salman talks about a recurring figure in his work that he calls a “shadow father”, paintings of which will be featured in another exhibition this May at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

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Salman Toor's "Dad and Boy," courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine.


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