It's the 2021 Daddy Awards!

Updated: Jan 7

It’s the end of the year and Tell Me About Your Father is honoring the best and worst of the patriarchy in 2021 with our 785th Annual Daddy Awards!

For those of you who haven’t remembered to tune in the past 784 years, The Daddy Awards honors the heroes who have helped undo the doing of toxic masculinity by displaying big boss energy tempered by compassion, vulnerability, or intelligence, and the zeroes who were infuriating, cruel or just a massive disappointment.

This year’s nominees all brought something to the table, whether it was the astonishing entitlement and delusions of wilted Italian rose and former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Alec Baldwin’s phenomenal ego and distorted sense of anything and everything, or Jeff Bezos’ pathetic dick rocket trips to the edge of space to impress alive girl. But there were also the men who reminded us there is always hope, kindness, and help, including reformed asshole Mandy Patinkin who is healing the world with his TikTok, gentle new-age angel, singer Sufjan Stevens, and America’s power bottom Lil Nas X, who gave Satan a lap dance and didn’t look back. Plus, Britney Spears is finally free.

These awards were recorded at the Tom Hanks Theater in Dad, Hungary last Monday, December 13th, and unfortunately Tell Me About Your Father co-host Elizabeth, fully vaxxed and boosted, tested positive for Covid the next day. Please be careful out there folks, this variant is a vengeful and punishing father and will not be up late at night on Christmas Eve putting together toys for you.

And now, onto the Daddies, which you can hear on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your shows. We’re wishing you a safe and healthy holiday season, and we hope that deadbeat senatorial father Joe Manchin’s yacht breaks down as he’s trying to sail away from our climate apocalypse in 2033.

We’ll see you with new episodes on January 3rd!


Elizabeth, Matt and Erin


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