"It Took Me Half of My Adult Life to Get Over My Childhood"

Updated: Jan 7

On this week’s episode, Elizabeth and Erin talk to the anonymous creator of the viral Instagram and Twitter accounts, "Christian Nightmares." (We’ll call him “Christian.”) Christian is using the account, an archive of American evangelical messaging, videos, photos, and music going back decades, to examine pop culture dedicated to a vengeful Heavenly Father, one which loomed over his upbringing in an evangelical Baptist church and left him terrified and ashamed as early as age 5.

Christian eventually left the church as a young adult, but was left with residual wounds of a childhood filled with guilt and a mother insistent on sacrifice. He’s processed it all through Christian Nightmares, therapy, as well as talking to his own father, whom he wishes had better protected him from the church.

For context, Erin was also raised in an evangelical church, which became the basis for her memoir Don't Let Me Down and in part for this podcast. So while Christian and Erin talk about the negative experiences they had with religion on this episode, our heathenism is our own, and we respect that faith is personal and are not here to indict organized religion, spirituality, or the church in which you were raised.

Listen as we try to parse why Erin was told that Christian women shouldn't wear pants, while our guest was told that Christian men should never wear shorts. We also hear from new dad Christian about how he's redefining the role of Father, and bringing it down to earth. And a special holiday treat, we feature some of Christian’s favorite Christmas nightmares as well. From all of us at Tell Me About Your Father Autogroup, we wish you good sleep tonight. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your shows.


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