"Josh Hawley Has Never Eaten a Corn Dog In a Car:" Our New Bonus Show Daddy Issues Is Here!

Drumroll and nervous throat-clearing, please: Our new current events bonus show, Daddy Issues, has arrived.

Daddy Issues, which we’ll be posting every other week, features Tell Me About Your Fatherco-hosts Erin Hosier, Elizabeth Thompson, and Matthew Phillp talking about the people, places, and things they’ve determined are giving off dad energy—good or bad—in recent news and pop culture.

We'll be putting out the first few episodes of Daddy Issues on Spotify and Apple Podcasts for free, and after that, they'll be streamable via our Patreon for $3 a month. (More on that below.)

Listen as we put everyone and everything from Armie Hammer to top-shelf gummy candy snacks under our patriarchal X-ray machine to determine where they fit on a spectrum ranging from “big boss energy tempered by intelligence, compassion, and vulnerability” to “massive disappointment.”

This is absolutely not what our mothers had in mind for us when we told them we wanted to be English majors, but we hope they enjoy it regardless.

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