Mad Men, and the daughters who love them. Part 1.

In part one of this two-part episode of Tell Me About Your Father, Erin and Elizabeth look back on the early seasons of the seminal TV series Mad Men, and explore the motivations of Don Draper, a father driven to escape a secret life, and the parallels we see in our relationships with our own fathers.

Part two will be available next weekend. Both episodes are dedicated to our mothers.

These episodes were the last we recorded pre-pandemic and our national dark night of the soul. Stay tuned for remotely-recorded season-two episodes coming soon. Episode topics include: growing up Black in the mostly white Georgia town where Ahmaud Arbery was killed; channeling your late father while calmly staring down a white supremacist as he screams in your face, and a look at the key role uncles play in some families. Also, our first interview with an actual dad. (!)

Thanks for listening and take care,

Erin, Elizabeth and Matthew

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