"Maybe you could have been a great golfer instead of stealing money from your favorite PGA star."

On the newest episode of Tell Me About Your Father, Jenna Perry, 38, tells Erin and Matt the story of how she spent her entire childhood unwittingly on the run as her father moved his fundamentalist family from state to state (and church to church).

Posing as a trustworthy investment banker, her father managed to fleece dozens of Christian parishioners of their livelihoods while dodging prison and the government when he could. The longer the grift went on the more complicated and convoluted his explanations for their constant moving became. Jenna ended up spending her adolescence learning how to read the room despite never having had one of her own.

But long before her father’s lies had expanded to the point of fracture, even as a small child, Jenna had him pegged as an evil man who only masqueraded as a man of God to get what he wanted. Eventually, her hyper-vigilance, growing disappointment, and anger at him led to a memorable escape with a violent if poetic confrontation.

This episode is a David & Goliath story for the ages. Listen as the daughter of a psychopath grapples with her own belief in a God whose name will always default to Our Father, and learns to find faith in herself.

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