Oh my Dad! We're Here!

Many of you have heard these last nine months that we've been "working on a podcast called TELL ME ABOUT YOUR FATHER," and some of you are just learning about it for the first time. We had expected to send this email with an apology for bringing yet another podcast into the world—especially now—but instead, we're feeling grateful we were able to finish eight episodes in time to share it with all of you.

The premiere season of Tell Me About Your Father —a new podcast about daddy issues, father figures, and the paternal mystique—is now live and available for streaming. Our first eight episodes are up on Spotify, Apple Podcasts (please make sure to leave us a review if you're into what we're doing), Stitcher and our website.

Creators and hosts Erin Hosier, Elizabeth Thompson, and Matthew Phillp interview guests about their relationships with the first man they ever knew, how much they didn’t know about him, and the impact he’s made on their lives. Guests include Get Smart star Barbara Feldon, Cocky Boys creator and adult film director Jason Buchtel (aka Jake Jaxson), Paper Magazine’s Mickey Boardman, and author Sohaila Abdulali, as well as personal storytelling about the day our fathers died, and wry takes on pop culture patriarchs.

We hope you're all hanging in there during this surreal time of plague and uncertainty—and remembering to be your own dads.

Thanks and take care,

Erin, Elizabeth and Matthew

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