Rock hero Patty Schemel On Coming Out, Punk’s Gender Dysphoria, and the Queerness of Kurt

Do we have an epic episode for you! Patty Schemel, whose drumming was the driving force of Hole’s seminal 1994 album Live Through This–and whose influence on women and queer rock musicians is immeasurable–joins us this week for a special Pride edition of Daddy Issues! Patty is the subject of the powerful 2011 documentary Hit So Hard, about her friendship with Kurt Cobain, her struggle with substance abuse and break up with Hole, and her recovery from the entire decade of the 90s. She also released a memoir by the same name in 2017, co-written by our very own Erin Hosier.

Patty talks to us about coming out, Kurt’s alleged queerness, Courtney Love’s refusal to accept that he hooked up with a less-is-more hippie girl from Olympia before they were together, and covers topics ranging from Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ ghoulish transgender girls' sports ban to a deranged LGBTQ-themed commercial to the supernaturally avuncular Tom Hanks and his confounding wayward son, Chet Haze. There’s talk of people who are always running late and the insanity of arriving places early on purpose, plus the soothing art of crafting with felted wool.

Patty also plays a game with Elizabeth called “That’s the Wrong Hole,” in which she has to guess between real and fake Hole lyrics, and it’s a doozie. Courtney and Brett Ratner, please don’t sue us!

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