Tell Me About Your Mother, Tony Soprano

It’s Tony-tober on Tell Me About Your Father, and we’re devoting the next four episodes (and weeks!) to unpacking the fathers, mothers, men and women of The Sopranos, a show that hands family dysfunction and generational trauma to you on a silver platter like no other on TV. (Please pass the gabagool and the ruinous manipulations of your borderline mother who wants you dead.)

We’re also thrilled to have the foremost Sopranos experts joining us for these episodes, New York Magazine and's Matt Zoller Seitz and Rolling Stone’s Alan Sepinwall, co-authors of The Sopranos bible The Sopranos Sessions,

On this episode, Elizabeth and Erin hear from Zoller Seitz and Sepinwall about their 20-plus-year relationship with the show, the AWOL fathers of the series, and the iron grip Tony’s mother (played by the late, great Nancy Marchand) has on his psyche. We also take a closer look at Tony’s dynamics with his kids, Meadow and A.J., his violent hippie sister, Janice, and introduce you to his harrowingly deluded fatherless nephew, Christopher.

We’ll be back next Monday to look at the show’s challenging third and fourth seasons, and we’ll look at Tony and Carmella’s marriage. Stay tuned and salute.

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