The End Is the Beginning

Updated: Jan 7

Tell Me About Your Father is wrapping up our 4-part series dedicated to the Sopranos by .... actually releasing an additional two more episodes than we said we would. We know, we’re sorry. We can’t help it. This is our Royal Wedding. We’ve split our 4th episode into two parts and added a third and final episode dedicated solely to the series’ divisive ending, still being dissected over 20 years later. All episodes are out today. Merry Christmas from hell!

On episode 4a, "Son of Soprano," we recap season 6a (aka the first 12 episodes of “season 6”) wherein friction between fathers and sons, uncles and nephews, and brothers from another mother all come to a head. First in the form of a near death experience for Tony that bores him; a heroic effort at vengeance gone wrong for AJ; a futile attempt at sobriety in the midst of new fatherhood for Christopher; and truth among lies for the orphaned children of Vito Spatafore.

Next, on episode 4b, "Sociopathy and the Soprano Mystique,” we dissect the final stretch of episodes of the series (aka season 6b, or season 7, depending on whether or not you’re an executive at HBO) and Erin and Elizabeth explore the numbness inherent to Chrissy's failure to thrive, Vito's son's shit sandwich of an adolescence, AJ's nervous breakdown, Tony's inner and outer monster, the Soprano curse, and Dr. Jennifer Melfi's doorknob-comment for the ages.

Finally, in "Remembering the Journey With the Sopranos," Erin and Elizabeth solve the mystery of the final episode of the show, "Made in America," widely considered to be the greatest TV finale of all time. We talk to the critics and authors of The Sopranos Sessions, Matt Zoller Seitz (New York Magazine) and Alan Sepinwall (Rolling Stone) about the meaning of the ending, the evils of parallel parking, the importance of ambiguity in art, what makes David Chase tick, and the living legacy of the late actor James Gandolfini—his son Michael Gandolfini, who plays Tony Soprano as a young man in The Many Saints of Newark, 7 years after his father’s sudden death.

Join us in two weeks for new episodes with the hilarious writer Maggie Serota, as well as an interview with the daughters of a con artist, and another with the anonymous creator of the viral Instagram account, Christian Nightmares.

Madonna mia, we love you for joining us on this lengthy car trip to Essex County and back. Don’t stop believing.

Elizabeth & Erin

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