Tony x Tony = Tony

On part three of our four-part series on The Sopranos, Erin and Elizabeth are looking at the series' acclaimed fifth season and are joined once again by The Sopranos Sessions authors and television critics Matt Zoller Seitz (New York Magazine) and Alan Sepinwall (Rolling Stone). We’re also joined by a new voice this episode, Mel Magazine online contributor Chingy Nea, whose recent piece “The Sopranos Belongs to the Gays Now” examines the show’s surprisingly queer underpinnings.

On this episode, we look at Tony grappling with self definition as a father to his family and Family, and how it reflects America’s own identity crisis, as two decades worth of new viewers use the benefit of hindsight to unpack what these character studies and the authorial choices of David Chase have ultimately said about gender, politics, race relations, and the downfall of earth itself.

We also talk about the significance of animals on the series, gender roles, sex and sexuality in the Sopranos-verse, the tragedy of Adriana La Cerva, and Tony’s yearning for a father figure in Uncle Junior.

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