“We find ways in, even when the stories aren't about us...

...I think straight people are able to do that. If they're not, it's a skill that they need to learn.”

Joel Kim Booster, comedian, actor and writer of the just-released Pride and Prejudice-inspired gay romantic comedy Fire Island, joins Matt and Elizabeth this week for Daddy Issues! Joel, who also stars in the film alongside Saturday Night Live’s Bowen Yang, tells us about what Jane Austen and Regency-era England has in common with the impenetrable wealth and whiteness of Fire Island, portraying gay culture and sex for a mass audience via a Fox Searchlight production, and casting Conrad Ricamora as a perfectly dickish yet lovable Darcy.

Joel also talks about losing his father to Covid last year and the unrelenting writer’s block and depression that settled in as he grieved. His perspective on the importance of creating a family of choice with supportive friends will resonate with anyone whose parents are disinterested or ambivalent about their careers, as Joel’s were, despite his success.

Bowen Yang (L) and Joel Kim Booster (R) in Fire Island. Photo courtesy of Searchlight Pictures.

Later in the episode, we move on to discuss the culture’s daddy issues as evidenced in recent news, including the Kardashians’ incessant alignment with homophobia, Travis Barker’s concerning decision to let his children own a monkey, Johnny Depp’s mentally ill fans, Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson’s new movie, Father Stu, Hunter Biden’s sugar brother, and a new kind of fish dad. You can stream Fire Island on Hulu and listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your shows. Happy Pride. We love you!

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