We Have Enough Friends.

Tell Me About Your Father’s “Daddy Issues” is back this week with special guest Emily Gould, author of the novel Perfect Tunes - out now in paperback - as well as Friendship and And the Heart Says Whatever. She joins Erin and Elizabeth to talk about parenting with tablets, the seductively syncopatious vocal stylings of Lana Del Rey, and the upsetting rumor that Bari Weiss oozes sexual charisma in real life.

We also discuss what’s going on in pop culture news, including the Friends HBO Max reunion no one asked for, the vindication of Sinead O’Connor, new mom Naomi Campbell’s 1994 album “Baby Woman,” that Guardian article about whether it’s a problem that not many men are writing bestsellers these days, and why the reported romance between John Mulaney and Olivia Munn continues to trigger so many.

On a programming note, we had some audio problems with this episode, which is why it occasionally sounds like we’re talking through a fax machine at the bottom of the sea. We’ve hired a team of audio Ghostbusters to look into it. Thanks for understanding.

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