"You feel helpless when your superhero gets taken down by a teenager."

In 2003, writer Laura Carney, then 25, lost her beloved father, Mick, when he was killed instantly in a car accident caused by a distracted teenage driver.

Thirteen years later, Laura's brother found a handwritten list among some old papers of Mick's entitled "Things I Would Like to Do in My Lifetime!" that Mick had written at age 29.

Among the 60 items were tasks like "Correspond with the Pope" and "Sell Millions of Dollars Worth of Merchandise." Before his death, Mick had checked off 5 of them, and tried and failed at one, so Laura vowed to finish the remaining 54.

As of this episode, she's already completed 39, and is giving herself another year for the remaining 15. Laura speaks with Erin about the exquisite pain of a daughter's loss while just on the cusp of her own adult accomplishments, the lasting impact of divorce on a child, and some of the more surprising lessons she's learned as Mick lives on through his daughter in the dreams they now share.

Mick Carney's list. The first item is "I would like to live a long, healthy life at least to the year 2020." His daughter is completing the list for him.

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