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Tell Me About Your Father

the podcast


Who We Are

We're not licensed therapists, just three people with dead fathers and an interest in family dynamics, inherited trauma, and dismantling our daddy issues through the therapeutic exercise of watching television. 


Erin Hosier is the author of Don't Let Me Down, a memoir about her relationship with her late father and the music that bonded them, that inspired this series. She is also the coauthor of Hit So Hard by drummer Patty Schemel, and is a literary agent with Dunow Carlson & Lerner, where she primarily works with authors of nonfiction and has a special interest in popular culture, music biography, humor, women's history (and untold stories of all kinds). An original co-host of the Literary Death Match, she has never appeared onstage and not pictured her father in the audience. 


Matthew Phillp has written about culture for Vanity Fair, The Village Voice, Attitude UK, was Editor-at-Large for DNA Magazine Australia for six years, and he produced and co-hosted the award-winning podcast talk show D List Radio with NYC nightlife promoter, Daniel Nardicio. He's a Lambda Literary Fellow for Fiction. His father died of a heart attack suddenly at age 34 - a moment he remembers vividly despite being 3 years old when it happened.  From that moment on, his mother refused to allow him and his two younger brothers to eat butter or any form of salt until the mid-90s, which may be part of the reason he’s now older than his father ever was.  


Elizabeth Thompson has worked in media for the past twelve years, starting her career as an associate editor at the Village Voice. She went on to Paper magazine, where she served as executive editor, and, later, became deputy editor of Condé Nast Entertainment, writing and producing short documentaries and video profiles. Her late father was a beloved newspaper columnist in her home town of Phoenix, and she very much hopes to keep following in his footsteps—only without the devastating alcoholism and frequently disproved conviction that anything can be repaired with duct tape. 

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